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Who we are

“Aiding the community to fulfil its potential, aspirations and dreams.”

Acts of Random Caring CIC better known as ARCCIC (formerly Gatis gardeners) was established in December 2013, to support the local community by creating a hub on a well known and loved site. A site known as Gatis Community Space that is open to and welcomes all. We are not based on any specific faith or culture, but we do seek to bring all cultures together through tolerance, acceptance of differences and celebrating those differences together as a community.

The site is run by volunteers who come together to share their skills, start new projects, meet new people, socialise, generally help out and enjoy the site and all it has to offer, supported by a small management team who provide direction, advice and information.

We run a number of regular activities and workshops covering subjects from herbology to rocket stove building to learning sign language. We also host a wide variety of events from family fun days, to an annual lantern parade, to pop up “pay as you feel” dining events with The real junk food project. We place strong emphasis on encouraging the community to get involved and help shape the future of the site with an ethos that if you have a good idea and the determination to try and make it happen, we will give as much support, guidance and information to make it a reality as we are able.

We always have volunteering opportunities available and we are open to all.

Our main aims remain:

  • Providing opportunity
  • Ensuring Gatis Site is kept in community use.
  • Improving and expanding the available growing areas on site.
  • Helping provide education to the community using gardening and nature.
  • Providing community education on herbal and medicinal plants
  • Providing community education on sustainability using permaculture techniques
  • Providing community education on healthy eating and food usage/storage
  • Using the site to showcase activities to and work with schools
  • Promoting the activities through the use of social media
  • Being proactive in the community in promoting Gatis and its activities
  • Forging links with other local third sector organisations for collaborative working
  • Supporting local community members to skill share via specialist clubs
  • Supporting local community members to become self-employed to set up specialist clubs.

Our Ethos

Our history

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