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The Team

Who are you likely to meet at Gatis?

Maria Billington

Maria Billington


Maria is a director of ARC CIC and also works as the day to day Project Manager. She can often be found frowning at her computer but is just as likely to be found hiding in the Wilderness playing with bits of wood. Maria is also a herbalist and runs sessions related to herbalism, nature and health.



Bill is a director of ARC CIC and also oversees the development and upkeep of the outdoor spaces of the centre, including woodworking. He helps manage volunteers on a day to day basis as well as organising large scale community events. He is usually found wandering around the site with a load of tools wondering where his day has disappeared to.

Amy Charles

Volunteer Manager

Amy is our volunteer manager and queen of wool crafts! She spends her time between organising and managing our volunteer team and creating the sustainable clothing revolution. She runs wool craft sessions and cloths swaps and upcycling and always has a warm lively welcome to our new volunteers. Usually found either frowning at her computer or doing something interesting with bits of fabric.

Steve Poultney

Catering Manager

Steve is our catering manager and overseas the running of the Love n Peas community café as well as organising the Real Junk Food Project Events. He is passionate about vegetarian and vegan food and teaching people about food waste. He is most often found baking delicious cakes in the kitchen, Yum!

Lottie Brown


Lottie is a director of ARC CIC and also overseas the health and safety aspects of the centre as well as monitoring our stores. Lottie has a long history with the site being a play worker here for many years – she is a friendly local face known to many. Its usually quite hard to find Lottie when she’s on site but if you take a peek in the stores you may find her.

Brenda Butler


Brenda is one of our core regular volunteers – she helps out in many areas but mostly in the café and garden areas. She is the font of all knowledge and is totally invaluable. If you want to know something its usually best to ask Brenda first. She also knows everyone!



Bob is our longest serving volunteer and thrives in the outdoor environments – he will get stuck into just about any outdoor job and is always happy to show people around the site.



Melvin is a well known local character and can usually be found with Bob – if you can sneak up on them have a listen to them bickering like an old married couple. They sure do keep us entertained.

Caroline Lamb

Volunteer Director

I have taken on the post as volunteer director to support the existing management team. I love the ethos of the Gatis community. Working together to create a warm and welcoming environment for the local community and groups who use the space Gatis can provide.
Promotion of environmental aspects and wellness feature highly with the management and the team of wonderful volunteers.

Rose Edwards

Executive Director