Gardening Club


Getting your hands dirty, experiencing nature and nurturing life within the garden can be one of the most rewarding activities, carrying many benefits to your body and mind.

What goes on at Gardening Club?

  • Opportunities for families to start self-sustaining by experimenting with growing fruit and┬ávegetable companion planting flowers herbs.
  • Encouraging wildlife saving the bees.

Utilising Gatis community space and garden facilities for self-educating all family members of all ages and abilities.

We will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to mature your green fingers. starting from seed to table. Offering open and flexible workshops, encouraging individuals to bring their own gardening experience and knowledge to Gatis community.

  • Nurture nature.
  • Eat the rewards.
  • Fresh organic food from the earth to plate.
  • Healthy cost-effective options for the community.
  • Opportunities to grow food you like to eat.
Join us in this project