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Bob one of our trusty volunteers at Gatis was interested to know why every morning he would turn up and find lots of holes dug in the wilderness and around the sand pit areas. We had a feeling that it may be a fox but we weren’t sure. Due to some funding from Power To Change which included money for workshops and the garden areas we decided it would be good to install a trail camera to see what was lurking in the grounds when we weren’t there!

Well what a surprise! We keep the camera moving around site so we can see what is happening and Bob really enjoys setting it up (very often upside down!) in its different positions.


He really wants to see how far on site the animals are exploring and how they get in and out, and so far we have discovered:

• One happy digging badger
• One scrawny tailed fox
• One bushy tailed fox
• A multitude of cats
• Mischievious squirrels
• Posing Pigeons
• Magnificent magpies
• Brave Blackbirds
• Wild Bob about his endeavours
• A host of industrious volunteers about their day
• Playful children

We wonder what we will capture next – check our facebook page to see regular updates for Gatis Spring Watch.

We are also noticing how much the plants are growing back now with lots of Green Alkanet, Red Dead Nettle, Dandelions, Daisies, Nettles, Cleavers, Hedge Garli and Cow Parsley are all coming along nicely. Here is a picture of the Green alkanet.