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The volunteer gardening team are currently recruiting new members as the weather warms up and spring starts showing signs of arrival.

The team have been planning all sorts of activities for the coming months and enjoy regular meetings to discuss plans, decide on how the garden and outdoor areas should be developed and find new and easier ways of working.

Some of the tasks they have planned for the next couple of months include:

  • Cleaning the greenhouses and pots ready for the new planting year
  • making new plant pot holders and tidying the working spaces
  • making composters for the raised beds
  • revamping the composting areas
  • Building an outdoor kitchen
  • preparing a new outdoor office space
  • general maintenance of the grounds and pathways
  • planting trees
  • sowing seeds
  • learning about permaculture
  • Clearing an old allotment
  • helping renovate or remove old play equipment

The team is made up of all sorts of people with different experience and abilities and everyone is encouraged to help make decisions and have their ideas listened to.

In the coming months the team hope to learn lots about permaculture and have a couple of visits to similar projects in other areas to learn and be inspired.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the team or any of our volunteering opportunities should contact Amy our volunteer manager.