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Donation Stories

Since we started our journey here on site we have been fortunate enough to have been donated many many items in that time and this has really helped us develop the site, especially during those early months when we had very little funding.

Community Café

The community café space was origionally used as an Art room with bright collages on the walls, yellow walls and lime green (yes Lime green!) woodwork! Our first summer on site we used a combination of volunteered manhours and donated furniture, paint and fabric to turn it into a warm inviting multi purpose café space. Volunteers painted over the lime green woodwork, old furniture was rubbed down and turned into fancily painted games tables and old sofas were spruced up with nice new cushions.

Raised Growing Beds

One of our most special donation stories came about in mid-2017 – we had just finished building our community garden space and had spent the last of the money given to us by Tesco Community Grants on topsoil to fill the raised beds. It wasn’t enough – we were £700 short to fill all the beds we had created! (Who knew good quality topsoil was so expensive!) We put some pictures up on facebook to see if we could source some soil from elsewhere – we put a lot of pictures on facebook as we love people to see how progress is being made and what fun we have on site. A week later we were no nearer getting any soil when a small package arrived on Maria our Project Managers desk – inside was a brown envelope entitled “to the people who need £700 for topsoil” which contained, yes you guessed it, £700 in cash. To this day we do not know who helped us out as there was no name included