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Our brand new website!
We hope you like it.

We are proud to present our new website for Gatis Community Space. We hope you all like it as much as we do. For many months, we have been searching for a local partnership with a marketing and design company who can help us to raise the profile of Gatis Community Space to the wider community. We have desperately needed a website to communicate the centre’s objectives, shout about the projects that take place here and who benefits from using our wonderful space.

So we were delighted when Depict Creative was recommended to us – a local design agency in Wolverhampton. They met with us on a few occasions to get a feel for who we were and the space we provide to the community and residents of Wolverhampton. We felt they were the right partners for Gatis and this website is the result of their understanding of what we needed.

Nick Watts, Managing Director of Depict Creative, said: “We were humbled and blown away by the dedication the team have. The sheer effort that everyone at Gatis puts into this space and what they do to make this community stronger is humbling. They had no real presence online to showcase themselves or their history, so we were delighted to create their new website for them and show people what facilities and projects they have on the go all the time.”